Junior, the Wonder Dog

wonder-dog-chipmonk-Nov69Nov, 1969.

Junior, the Wonder Dog sitting on the wing of a Cessna AgWagon used in cropdusting throughout the Rogue Valley.

Photo by Kenn Knackstedt

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  1. I sure remember Bill and his Junior, too, of course. That photo with the date of November 1969, was taken just a month before I graduated from SOC in December of ’69, and then took off to report for Navy Flight Training on 20 January 1970 (a date firmly burned-in to my mind).

    • fred cuozzo on March 22, 2015 at 1:41 pm
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    Junior was Bill Warren sr.’s dog. I worked for Bill jr. and Bill sr. in the late 60’s. Boy, does that take me back to see him sitting on the wing of that agwagon.

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